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Bendigo Insulation Services

Bendigo Insulation Services



During the peak of winter, it can be challenging to keep your home warm, or to keep your interior cool when the summer reaches it highest temperature. Regardless of the season, you can likely agree that you regularly use energy to heat and cool your interior living space and you probably don’t want that energy to go to waste. But did you know that without adequate insulation, it probably is? No matter how securely a home was built, small cracks and crevices are bound to appear somewhere and let out massive amounts of wasted energy, which can show in your utility bills. To avoid this, it’s best to invest in proper insulation for your home.

About Us

Bendigo Insulation Services provide the city’s most-trusted insulation solutions for all kinds of structures and interiors. We help you optimize your interior space by getting the most out of the air and energy you use to heat and cool it. Working with our team of professional insulation contractors, we’ve been able to reduce clients’ utility bills, promote efficiency in the home, and create lasting comfort that can’t be matched without professional and detailed insulation delivered by our expert contractors.


Our range of insulation products and services was designed with your safety and comfort in mind. We know that no one likes paying a fortune for their monthly energy bills, and you shouldn’t have to! With our professional insulation solutions, you’re left with perfectly secured walls, ceilings, roofs, and floorboards that prevent the passing of energy-induced air through the crevices. Instead, our insulation traps that air indoors to improve general temperatures and the overall air quality inside. We prefer to use batts for insulation, but also work with spray insulation, foam insulation, spray foam insulation, and even insulation blankets.

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Wall Batt Insulation

Wall batt insulation targets your interior walls to promote thermal insulation and retain heat or cooled air. Whether it’s a partition wall or actual structural walls, most interior walls can benefit from some sort of insulation. This is achieved by filling the interior frames with wall batt insulation padding, which is cut and shaped to fit the internal frames perfectly to avoid all air passageways and gaps

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Ceiling Batt Insulation

Ceiling batt insulation uses fibreglass batts, or ceiling batts, which are soft in texture and similar to an industrial sponge, to fill the gaps in your ceilings and near the roof where any cracks to lead out internal energy. While it’s recommended to insulate all of your interiors walls, doing so without insulating the ceiling too results in an incomplete project. Insulating the ceiling also prevents moisture build-up, which can eventually lead to mould, if not addressed

“I had no idea that insulating a shed was possible but I’m glad the guys at Bendigo Insulation Services were able to help me! My husband uses our shed to work on building his and storing his collectables, so we wanted to make it more comfortable and less prone to rotting and mould, since most wood is. They insulated the shed in a jiffy and not only does it look great, but it feels great too!” – Phyllis T.

Wall Wrap

Wall wraps are available as larger prints and designs that can be wrapped around the exterior of your interior wall. Similar to a vinyl decal, wall wraps are safe to use and are pressed onto the surface of the wall to avoid air bubbles, rigidness, and unevenness. We use special techniques to ensure there are no imperfections in your wall wraps, as they make great interior accessories for your home, especially if you’re a renter!

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Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation takes the batts from before and places them under your floorboards, or floor batts, and crawl space to reduce holes and cracks, covering crevices where energy can be wasted through the floors. Underfloor insulation is available for all types of flooring, whether you have concrete, hardwood, or even tiles. It promotes healthy air quality and retains your energy within the home, especially if you have a multi-level space

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“I had always wondered why my upstairs felt colder than my downstairs. Come to find out, it’s because we needed to perform insulation removal and add new insulation to the attic. The old insulation was falling apart and wasn’t applied well, so Bendigo Insulation Services came by to do the job properly this time! I’m so happy they did! Now the whole house feels like an even temperature and I know our insulation is up-to-date and we now have a great insulation rating!” – Jamie K.

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Roof Insulation

Roof insulation targets your roof with roof batts. While you might think insulating your ceiling is enough, have you thought about your attic space? Since the attic space is not covered with traditional ceilings and instead just the roof, it’s important that you also insulate the roof too to avoid certain parts of your hold being colder or warmer than others, where the ceiling is non-existent.

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Shed Insulation

Shed insulation gives you the power to use your shed for more than just a storage space. You should be able to comfortably use your shed for all kinds of purposes, such as a hangout space, a workshop, or a creative space to take some time to yourself. Whatever it purpose, insulating your shed prevents the future build-up of moisture that, when built from wood, can attract pests or be detrimental and vulnerable if exposed to mould.

“I really wanted to add some insulation to an extra room in my apartment so I could play my instruments in there without issue. I contacted Bendigo Insulation Services who got me a great deal on acoustic insulation to block out noises from room to room, and even underfloor insulation to stop the soundwaves from travelling beneath to the neighbours below me. So happy I found them and they had answers for me!” – John S.

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​If you’re interested in learning more about our insulation services, what kind of insulation products we use and why you can reach out to us directly using the service number provided on our homepage. If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page. On this number, you’ll be connected to a member of our customer service team, who will direct you through all of the specialty insulation services we offer and what benefits they hold, as well as the installation process. If you’d prefer to write us an email or would like to receive a free quote about one of our insulation services, you can also do so by filling in the contact form found on our website. Once completed, we’ll send you a custom quote with more information to get you started on your next insulation service with us!