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About Our Business

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Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to warm up your home and keep it that way? Or do you wish there was something you could do to save your energy without using more and paying a fortune each month in utility bills? With the help of adequate home insulation and professional who can install it, you can have all that – and more! Home insulation using fiberglass soft batts, is fitted into the holes and barriers of your home’s internal spaces, where energy has a tendency to seep out from and go to waste. To prevent this, batts are able to block the passageway between your home’s interior and the outdoors, which leaves the air you paid to keep cool or warm, from exiting.

Bendigo Insulation Services provides the area’s premier insulation solutions and at an affordable cost. We work with clients in all capacities to deliver them durable insulation solutions using some of our favorite insulation materials – batts! Batts are made from a fiberglass sponge-like material that is cut and placed into the frames of your home’s structural interiors to block any holes and crevices. We work thoroughly to ensure that every gap is filled and all batts are customized to your space provided, and we do this to promote safety, efficiency, and comfortability within your home and with the air quality available. With the help of our professional team and long-lasting insulation batts, your home will retain its interior comfort for many years to come!