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Why should I insulate my home?

Insulating your home has many benefits:
1.It keeps the temperature of your home comfortable. That is cooler in summers and hotter in winters.
2.Insulation helps you save on your energy bills as the cooling or warmth inside your home remains inside, instead of escaping outdoors.
3.Also, it reduces the unwanted noise in your house. It saves you from excessive noise from outdoor as well as the indoors-created noise.
Insulation Bendigo is an old and experienced insulation provider of the Bendigo insulation industry and is a one-point solution for all your insulation needs. Call us to get a free quote and consultation.

I have installed a solar PV system. Is there still a need for insulation?

Yes, there is. Solar PV system saves you from high energy bills. But installing insulation further improves payback from your solar system. It is an ideal way to go green plus save yourselves from costly energy bills. And we have been observing that Bendigo insulation industry is now experimenting with various green solutions.

How does insulation works?

Whatever type of insulation you use, let’s say glasswool batts, there are tiny holes between the fibres and air being a bad conductor of heat, inhibits the flow of heat. So, whether it be summers, when the heat is flowing inwards, or winters when the heat is flowing outwards, it merely stops it!

Thus, your home remains cooler to some degree in summers, and hotter in winters.

Also, the heat or cold from the heating or cooling system respectively installed in your house leaks through the holes/cracks in the walls and ceilings. The insulation covers these. Thus the hidden crevices and tiny air pockets of the batt, together insulate your house and save you from insane electricity bills.

It is imperative to insulate your homes. Call us to get a free quote and consultation.

How much money can insulation save me?

And the answer is, it is difficult to give one answer to this generalised question. Many factors affect your energy savings. Like, the size of your house, the R-value of the insulation you are using, the temperature of the place in which you live, etc.

But, in general, it is believed that the cost of insulation is recovered in 3 years of electricity bill savings. Bendigo Insulation industry is helping the city become greener.

Are your quotes and consultation free?

Yes, our quotes and consultation are completely free.
We consider it our responsibility first to understand your needs and then provide the best solution within your budget. We like to have an open-ended discussion with you and thereby provide a free consultation. After understanding what you need, we offer a suitable quote.

We value your time and money. Thus we offer great value quotes at affordable prices. And thus, we have ensured long-term association with clients for so long in the Bendigo insulation industry.

Which services do you provide

We are a complete solution provider for all your insulation needs. Whatever your requirements are, we can complete the task with perfection and expertise.

We offer all types of insulations, but we prefer using Batts for insulation, but can also work with spray insulation, foam insulation, spray foam insulation, and even insulation blankets.

We offer services like Wall Batt Insulation, Ceiling Batt Insulation, Wall Wrap, Underfloor Insulation, Roof Insulation, and Shed Insulation.
Also, we understand that the Bendigo insulation industry is nowadays developing and more class-in-itself projects are coming up. Thus, we also offer customizable solutions, developed precisely according to your needs and requirements. We have delivered many customised projects with expertise and will be glad to do that again for you.

In which areas are your service available?

We offer services in Bendigo and its surrounding areas. We have serviced the Bendigo insulation industry for so long. Thuswe have a strong customer base both in and around Bendigo. Call us now to get a free consultation service and quote.

How long will the insulation work take?

The time required to complete the insulation work depends on the size of the work. For example, insulating a regular ceiling can be completed in about half a day. Whereas more complex work can demand more time.
But, once we start the work, we complete the task in one go. Also, we finish it as quickly as can be done without compromising on the work’s quality. We stick to Bendigo insulation industry’s standards and over-deliver each time.

Is the insulation work completed in one go or chunks?

We understand that insulation work disturbs your daily routine. And work done in chunks further leads to wasted time and money.
Thus, we prioritise your convenience above anything and complete every task in one single go. Also, we try to complete the job as quickly as possible without affecting the quality. We schedule our projects in a manner that no project is delayed or is done in chunks due to any other. This organised and disciplined approach has earned us many happy customers and kept us growing in the Bendigo insulation industry for so long.

After the quote, when can you start work?

Once the quote is agreed upon, we start preparing for the project. And the time taken to start working on the plan depends on the size of the project. Smaller projects require small slots, thus can be fit into the schedule quickly. But more significant and more complex projects require a more substantial time slot and therefore may take some time before they can be started.

But, as is our policy, once we start, we complete the task in one single go. This timely execution has helped us carve out our place in the Bendigo insulation industry.

What do you mean by R-Value?

R-Value determines the degree of insulation a material provides. It means it will tell you how much resistance the material will contribute to the heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better will be the insulation.

Always remember to check the R-value of the insulating power of the material you are going to use for the insulation. You can also compare various materials. The R-value depends on many factors. Such as-
1.The type of material
2.Installed weight per square foot
3.And most importantly, thickness
So, compare all the materials on these three parameters, and choose the best for yourself. You can reap benefits till years to come from good insulation.

We are a transparent entity of Bendigo Insulation industry, and thus give you all the knowledge you need on the required R-value before installation.

What do you mean by total R-value?

You install different R-value insulation in your ceilings, walls, and floors. The ideal range of the required R-value for any part depends on various factors. But, when you add the R-values of the ceiling, wall, and floor, then you arrive at the total R-value.

You can always look up what is the ideal level of insulation at the government’s site, or ask for an inspection by a recognised insulation installer.

Insulation Bendigo is an experienced company of the Bendigo insulation industry, and our experts can help you in understanding the insulation of your property.

How much insulation should I install?

The amount of insulation that you require depends on a variety of factors:
1.The climate of your region: The more extreme your environment is, the higher R-value insulation you need. While more moderate temperatures need less power insulation.
2.Your heating and cooling system’s power: Another factor is the power of your heating/cooling system and the amount of energy you want to save. Bendigo Insulation industry has helped make the city greener.
3.The age of your home: Older homes generally require more insulation than newer ones.
4.Lastly, the part of your home you want to insulate: People generally do not put as much insulation in the attic as their bedrooms.

Is it a good idea to insulate my attic?

And the answer is, yes you must. There are many reasons that you must insulate your attic as well. It will add to your home’s value. Also, it will make your home a more comfortable place to live in. And lastly, it will add to the savings on the energy bills. Thus, it is a good idea to insulate your attic. Most companies of the Bendigo insulation industry, provide attic insulation services, including us.

Which insulation material is fire-safe and how much?

Many insulation materials are available in the market. But some are fire-safe and others not that much. So, here is which insulation material is fire-safe and which is not:

Fibreglass and mineral wool insulation: These are non-combustible and do not catch fire.

Spray foam insulation: This material catches fire at and above 700 Degree Fahrenheit.

Cellulose Insulation: It is combustible and requires approximately 20% by weight of fire-retardants to reduce its chances of catching fire.

Can insulation help reduce the mould growth and condensation on the ceilings?

Yes, insulation can also help you reduce the mould growth and condensation on the ceilings of your rooms.

You can further safeguard your ceilings form mould formation and condensation by controlling the humidity of the room and improving its ventilation.

Insulation in line with Bendigo insulation industry can improve the situation, but results depend on several factors.

Caninsulation also reduce sound levels inside?

Yes, another benefit of insulation is reduced sound level in the house/office.

The insulation can help reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another and one floor to another. Also, it can reduce the noise coming from outside the house. It all depends on which areas you have used insulation on.

NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) define how much sound any material will block or allow respectively.

Any insulation that meets the Bendigo insulation industry standards can help you reduce sound levels inside your property. But the individual results may vary due to several factors, namely the material used, the amount of noise inside and outside the house, and the amount of insulation installed, etc.

How can wall installation be installed?

There are three ways wall insulation can be installed. Firstly, from inside, second, from outside, and lastly between two walls.

The ultimate solution is only for double brick cavity walls and is called blow-in insulation. In blow-in insulation silicone treated glasswool is inserted inside the cavity. It is a great way to insulate houses, but the downside is that it can only be used with double brick cavity architecture.

We provide excellent quality wall insulation that is at par with the Bendigo Insulation industry standards. Reach out to our customer care for more information and free quote and consultation.

How can underfloor insulation be installed?

Underfloor insulation is done by strapping or stapling insulation against the floorboards. This way, the heat/cold does not escape, and your property is temperature-controlled.

The strapping/stapling is appropriately done with excellent care taken so that its life is long, and it does not come out.

We offer underfloor insulation also and deliver it according to Bendigo insulation industry standards. You can contact our customer support anytime for more information, and free quote and consultation.

Do I need to take out the previously installed insulation?

No, you need not. Yes, the next question that pops up is, my joists are level with the current insulation. So no need to worry, you can still, add the new layer at right angles to your existing insulation. For more queries, talk to our consultants, and they will guide you in the right direction.

Insulation is a thing which is- the more the better. So, instead of pulling out your existing insulation just add new one on top of it. Ask your consultant for the required R-value according to Bendigo insulation requirements. And get the required amount of insulation installed.

Why should I choose Insulation Bendigo?

Insulation Bendigo is an experienced and old service provider of the Bendigo Insulation industry. We are a complete solution provider and can cater to all your needs. Any type of work- regular or class-in-itself, we can deliver it with finesse.

Some of the reasons to why you should choose us are:
1.Our customer support is always dedicated to attending to your queries and is extremely responsive.
2.We understand the importance of details. Thus we deliver every project with expertise.
3.We are a trustworthy service provider of the Bendigo Insulation industry. And we assure that there will be no hidden costs and nasty surprises at the end of the project.
4.Lastly, we take pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Our many happy customers provide testimony to all these qualities. And they are the reason that we have been organically growing in the Bendigo insulation industry for so long.