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Your home may need more or better insulation when the rooms become unbearably hot or cold during winter or summer months. Such a situation shows that there is a thermal defect in your house, possibly due to the insulation materials used or the skill level of the professional that installed it. 

Therefore, you need to book an inspection to identify potential insulation defects. This can be disheartening if you bought the insulation materials and paid for the installation services.

Home insulation job we completed in Bendigo

The following are signs that your home needs more insulation. 

Increased Energy Bills 

The main objective of insulating your home is to help it run efficiently. However, a steady increase in your utility bills shows that your insulation is failing. You may also discover that the furnace and air-condition are running more often, unlike when the best Bendigo insulation was first installed in your home.   

That means you have to keep the AC on and when you turn it off the entire house turns into a desert or freezer. Therefore, the heating and cooling systems have to work overtime to maintain a consistent level of comfort in the house. For that reason, continuous furnaces and AC in addition to increased energy bills, are an indication that insulation is in trouble and you need to repair or replace it immediately. 

Moisture in the Attic 

One way of detecting trouble in the attic is the presence of moisture or water dropping from the ceiling. Further, colder indoor feeling during winter months shows there is an insulation problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Also, the presence of water leaks around the window means that the attic’s insulation is inadequate.  

The insulation material thickness for your attic should be 6”. However, you can add extra insulation on the access door to keep out drafts. Therefore, frequently inspect your attic to ensure that the insulation is working. This is crucial even in newer homes because mistakes are inevitable.  

Presence of Ice Dams 

It’s common during winter in a house whose roof and attic are not insulated well. Generally, in a sufficiently insulated attic, the heat escapes through the vents, but when there is a trouble, the heat goes to the rooftop and melts the snow settling there.    

However, the roof edges are cold, but the roof itself is warm; thus, the melted snow will move to the sides and freeze again, thus creating ice dams. Therefore, the presence of giant icicles on your roof is an indication that you need to contact professionals immediately because the best Bendigo insulation is failing.   

Outdated Insulation  

Replace outdated, crumbly insulation because it doesn’t meet the existing building codes. Further, investing in the best Bendigo insulation to save on energy bills and comply with the Australia building standards.  

Therefore, you should contact an insulation contractor because disturbing old insulation can pose health risks. For instance, it might contain toxic chemicals such as asbestos. Thus, the experts will remove the old insulation properly and replace it with a new one to eliminate any danger. 

Pests and Mold 

The presence of mice and other pests can seriously compromise the insulation and the integrity of your home. These organisms eat away the building envelope, thus leaving your house like a mesh where heat is lost readily. 

Their droppings introduce moisture in the house that causes the insulation to collapse and allows moulds to thrive. These create gaps that permit air to flow in and out of the house, thus increasing the energy bills.   

Chilly Drafts 

The presence of drafts in certain areas during winter months is a sign that cold air is entering the house through the doorways or window frames. Nearly 25% of heat is lost through the windows; thus adding insulation will not only reduce your energy bills but it will make your home free from drafts. 

Spray foam insulation is the best Bendigo insulation and sealant for crevices and cracks in your house.  

Fluctuating Temperatures  

The entire house should have even temperatures from one room to another. However, when one room is extremely cold or hot than the rest is a sign that the insulation is failing. The insulation prevents the loss of expensive conditioned air from the house to the outside environment.  

Thus, you should check the rooms below the attic or above the garage to see whether they are inexplicably hotter or colder than the rest.  

Therefore, ensure that every room has consistent temperature by inspecting and replacing the failed insulation. You can do this by inviting an expert to inspect the garage and attic as well as add spray foam insulation to enhance their status.  

Frozen Pipes 

You can detect an insulation problem by observing the condition of the plumbing line in the wall. Insulation protects them from freezing temperatures, but when done poorly, the frozen pipes will burst and cause considerable damages in the house. Therefore, ensure that your investment in the best Bendigo insulation is not wasted by hiring an expert insulation contractor such as Bendigo’s insulation services. The step will save you thousands of dollars that are spent on replacing a poorly installed insulation and plumbing line. 

Failed Touch Test  

Walls and ceilings of the sufficiently insulated house are both dry and warm when you touch them. However, cold or damp panelling and drywall inside your home is a sign that it’s not insulated correctly. The house loses 35% of the heat through walls; thus, insulation keeps the warm air indoors. Therefore, you can prevent the loss by adding spray foam insulation that helps keep the heat indoor. 

Interior wall insulation job done in Bendigo with drywall plasterboard

Book an inspection  

There are many signs of failed insulation. However, the best and easiest way of ascertaining the status of your insulation is inviting an experienced insulation expert from Bendigo’s insulation services. These professionals will inspect the ceilings, floors and walls of your house using specialized inspection equipment. Spray foam insulation is among the best insulation material because it’s easy to install on both new and old building. You can contact them for a quote and more information on insulating your home.  

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