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Wall Batt Insulation

finished insulation walls batt

Wall batt insulation is done using insulation soft panels, or batts, that are installed one by one and aligned next to each other before being secured in place. Wall batt insulation can be installed to moderate your temperatures indoors but also by helping create better air quality for the air that is used inside. We prefer wall batt insulation over spray foam and rolls of insulation, mostly because of the installation methods that make for quicker repairs, when they’re needed.

What is Wall Batt Insulation?

Wall batt insulation consists of a series of insulated batts or panels that are installed one by one and aligned next to each other to create a barrier for sound, vapor, and moisture. The intention of insulation is to promote efficiency and reduce energy loss from your air. When you decide to insulate a wall or room in your home, you’re enhancing the interior building structures with industrial tools that can keep cool air and heat contained within one space.

Materials Used

The materials used to install wall batts include the batts themselves, which are purchased in bulk and according to how many you might need for any given space, as well as sharp cutting tools that help us get the exact cuts needed for the spaces you have. If a batt is not fitted perfectly to fill a space entirely, it can still result in energy loss, even with the smallest gap or hole. Cutting and shaping the batts around the interior frames of your walls is the ultimate key to having long-lasting and efficient insulation.

Ceilings, Attics, Walls

Wall batt insulation can be beneficial to every part of your home, including all ceilings, attics, and interior walls. This is because the batts themselves are securely fitted into the frames of your interior wall and are cut at specific sizes and tailored around your electrical work, to ensure that no crevice is left untouched. The best part about working with fiberglass batts, is that they’re customizable to any space, including around doorframes, windows, and even roofing near your attic.


Basements can also be fitted with wall batts for insulation. Depending on whether or not you have a finished basement, the frames for the wall batts might still be visible if they haven’t already been covered to finish the basement. If not, we’ll install wall batts that are secured around the room and even on the ceiling of the basement, to ensure that all surrounding structures have adequate insulation and are all evenly insulated. Since basements are underground and therefore attract cooler temperatures, having wall batts properly in place can really help promote efficient energy use in your basement, so that you’re not using too much to keep one of the coldest rooms warm. With proper wall batts installed, you shouldn’t have to do much else aside from heating the rest of your home like normal and you’ll instantly notice a difference in the temperature in your basement with the wall batts.