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Wall Wrap

worker installing insulation walls

Wall wraps are similar to vinyl stickers that have detailed graphics or designed and are flattened along the exterior of a wall within your home. They’re a great way to add some colour and detail to your home, without actually having to paint the walls or change the wallpaper. Wall wraps are placed securely on the host wall and can extend for an entire wall or all throughout the home, providing coverage and an extra barrier of protection for the walls. Not only are they aesthetic, but they’re also functional in soundproofing the walls too.

Wall Wraps Installation

Installing a wall wrap takes some preparation before it can adequately be installed. This means cleaning the walls of all reside and dirt to ensure an even and smooth layer, as well as removing other forms of print or decals currently on the wall, such as paint, vinyl, nails, hooks, and more. Once the wall is completely clean, we can then start the process of installing a wall wrap.


Something that you may not know about our wall wraps is that they’re completely safe to use for apartments or those that are renting a property and cannot add wallpaper or paint! If you live in a rental unit and want to customize your interior space more than it already is, you can spruce up the walls with our interior wall wraps. Given that we apply the wall wraps with care, we can also help remove them too, so that your walls are left clean, sleek, and without any lasting damages, and there are no obvious marks left of where the wall wrap once was.

Bricks, Stucco, Drywall, Concrete

If you’re curious as to what type of materials a wall wrap will adhere to, you’ll be happy to know that you have options. Wall wraps are able to stick to all kinds of building materials, including brick walls, stucco, drywall, and even concrete. To get a better and smoother finish on your wall wrap, we’ll begin by applying a paste that helps even out the surface layer and reduces the ridges that are often in the textured walls. Then, we’ll move on to applying and laying the wall wrap flat and smooth it out using specialty tools.


Finally, one of the best elements of a wall wrap is the overall aesthetic. Wall wraps are intended to add some colour, character, and dimension to a room, without having to paint the walls or add wallpaper. Adding decals and vinyl are fine for smaller spaces, but attempting to add a large one to an entire wall can prove challenging, leaving behind air bubbles and uneven spaces where the decals are poorly installed. With our wall wraps, you won’t have any air bubbles, uneven layers, or mismatched parts of your wall that should be covered with a wall wrap material and are not. We work thoroughly and efficiently to ensure that every edge and corner of the wall and the wall wrap are met together and sealed accordingly.